HHG Tutorial

Heritage Homeschool Group is a community of believers who have come together to provide a high quality learning experience, studying history, art, music, language, and creativity as we discover the God-story in everything.

Our early elementary classes focus on experiences, hands-on activities, character lessons, great books and lots of messes:)  Whether it’s building a steam shovel with Mike Mulligan or traversing this great nation of ours with Flat Stanley, memories will be made and the learning will be fun! 

The fun doesn’t end just because our students are moving into 3rd….4th…8th….12th…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Those K-2 classes will have little to no outside homework and prep. 3rd Grade starts to add a little responsibility to our students as they explore and invent and create a great lego story or two.  Our 4th Graders begin IEW, a great writing program that typically has a homework assignment a week. Even in Upper Elementary, the ideal class time is spent with hands-on experiences, great conversation, and lots of laughter.

Middle School is traditionally a big transition for students and that is no difffernt at HHG. Homework increases as the ability of our students expand. This is a terrific time for students to start learning time management and good study habits. Students are expected to stay on top of their assignments and parents are encouraged to stay engaged as we challenge our middle schoolers to think critically and find creativity everywhere. There is still ample opportunity for the hands-on activities, as that is how some kids learn best!  We want to meet the needs of all learning styles!

High School…credits…transcripts…dual enrollment.  So much to consider and many parents are afraid to homeschool these very important years.  High School homeschooling is really more about making sure the student stays on track, encouraging a listening ear for God’s direction of those important next steps, and finding opportunities for the students to discover or fine-tune their talents.  Yes, we offer those check the box classes like Economics and Personal Finance. We challenge your student to write well, communicate ideas, and to make presentations. The priority in our high school program is to academically challenge our students while at the same time reminding them that God has great plans for them as World Changers.  What World Changers they will be!