Heritage Homeschool Tutorial

Hands On Activities

Because we believe that learning is best accomplished by doing, our Kindergarten through High School classes are filled with projects, interaction, and active learning. Science classes are heavy on experiments for every grade--High School Science students participate in a 2 hour lab class each week. HHG students experience, touch, taste, and smell to better understand the amazing world and universe that God created.


We provide a safe environment where students can build relationships with other students who hold the same family values. Moms and Dads find a support system and a place of encouragement as we embark together on this God-centered journey of homeschooling.

Academic Excellence

We employ over 30 skilled professionals who love to pour into students. We stress excellence and honor in assignments, class participation, and student interaction. Every class points students to Jesus. Classes meets for 14 consecutive weeks in the fall and 14 consecutive weeks in the Spring. Our parents stay involved and connected as well, through special events, field trips, and volunteering. We are privileged to meet on Thursday each week at Thompson Station Church in Thompson's Station, TN.

IF you are interested in our program for the 2017-2018 School Year, the first step is to join our Wait List. Please know that we will have very limited openings for the next school year. Sign up for the wait list and then if we have space for your student(s), we will invite you to the interview and tour our program. The tours/interviews will occur on February 16 and are by INVITATION ONLY.

Wait List